What is the Working Families Credit (WFC)?
What is the WFC?
Am I eligible for the WFC?
How do I apply for the WFC?
Where can I have my WFC prepared for free?

What is the Working Families Credit?
The San Francisco Working Families Credit (WFC) gives up to $250 to qualified low-income working families in San Francisco. This year the WFC is only available to qualified applicants who have NEVER received the credit before. Qualified applicants who use direct deposit to a bank account will receive $250 for their Working Families Credit, but qualified applicants who ask for a paper check will receive only $100.  WFC recipients can also get benefits such as discounted MUNI passes.

The Working Families Credit program also raises awareness of the other money and benefits for San Francisco working families including:

Find out if your family is eligible for the San Francisco Working Families Credit.
Find out how to apply for the San Francisco Working Families Credit.
Read about the Working Families Credit partners.

* Benefit amount and availability may vary by income amount and family size.